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    60 weeks for 60 years

    The International Union of the Guides and Scouts of Europe (UIGSE) is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The Scouteurop'Tour, an event which will be taking place over 60 weeks and in all the countries where the UIGSE is present, has been created for this occasion. Read more...

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    A flame will go through all the countries where the UIGSE is present to celebrate this birthday. Each country organizes events to welcome the flame and then pass it off to the next country. Read more...

A summit meeting for Switzerland and Italy

italie9There are activities that seem at first to be duties but which are hiding incredible things ; in their simplicity, they allow us to live very meaningful moments. One of those happened on the 20th March over the Simplon pass.

Giessen ! They put fire to the Flame

Everybody wanted to touch it : the Flames of the ScoutEuropeTour 2016 !                                                                                         
BN FlammeFR100x150px


A celebration in Germany!

AllemagneThe german catholic scout association (KPE) organized a big celebration for its anniversary.


The Scouteurop'Tour flame in Lithuania !

The Lithuanian association has taken the Scouteurop'Tour flame from the Slovakian brothers and sisters.

The flame was presented in the annual Thinking day event - a meeting to celebrate R. Baden-Powell’s birthday.